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Premier Client Solutions

Tailored worldwide protection for fine homes and valuables

Tailored worldwide protection for fine homes and valuables

As recently featured in the media, AIG’s Premier Client Solutions (PCS) protects your prized items. Much more than a roof over your head, your home is your biggest asset and a legacy you can leave for your loved ones. As your wealth grows, you may find that your home and valuables require more protection than what is typically available in the market. AIG's PCS specialists can work with you to tailor coverage for the most valuable items you own, from fine homes to jewellery, watches, handbags, art and wine collections.

Key benefits

Bespoke worldwide coverage

We can help you identify the items that need protection and provide customised coverage for your needs.

New replacement for damaged items

From high-end plumbing fixtures to treasured heirlooms, you need not pay the price for depreciation if something is damaged, lost or broken.

Distinctive coverage for valuables

For precious items of high value, we offer valuable articles coverage for loss or damage anywhere in the world.

Expert claims handling

Your claims will be handled by specialists who understand fine homes and luxury assets, with minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

24/7 premier hotline

If the unexpected happens, be assured that assistance is always at hand through a dedicated hotline for our PCS clients.

Pay by instalments

You can choose to pay your premium by monthly credit card instalments for greater financial flexibility.

What is covered

We can help you to fully customise your plan, with extensive options available to meet your precise needs.

Coverage highlights

Protection against property damage or loss regardless of cause (specific exclusions apply in some instances).


Coverage for additions, alterations, or items of real property, installations or fixtures that you paid for as upgrades to your residence.


We will reimburse you up to the contents coverage limit, without taking into account depreciation. This coverage is worldwide, including personal property that is damaged or lost outside of the insured residence.


Following a covered loss, we will provide up to S$2,000, available for you to install an approved loss prevention device to protect your home.


We will reimburse you up to S$5,000 for food spoilage due to interruption of power or mechanical breakdown of your refrigeration units.

For losses to landscaping due to a specified named peril, you are covered for up to 5% of the building or contents limit.
Please note:
We will pay up to S$5,000 for any one tree, shrub or plant.


We cover any reasonable increases in living expenses you incur if your home is uninhabitable at claim time (up to policy limits selected). Coverage includes loss of rental income if the home is rented to others.
We will also pay reasonable expenses for kenneling or boarding your pets.


We cover up to S$2,500 to replace locks and keys lost, damaged or stolen at your residence, as well as any electronic locking device in your car.


We cover loss or damage due to fire, theft and breakage of covered valuable items – anywhere in the world.

Highlights of PCS include:

  • Unscheduled and scheduled coverage options.
  • No deductibles
  • Coverage for newly acquired items.
  • Coverage for damage to jewellery while it is being repaired or restored.
  • Coverage when shipping a collectible. (Certain restrictions apply when shipping via the local postal service.)
  • Option to repair, replace or surrender undamaged items that are part of a pair or set.

We cover damages you are legally obligated to pay for bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury (including libel and slander) anywhere in the world.

Regardless of your legal obligation, we also cover:

  • Medical payments – up to S$10,000
  • Damage to property of others – up to S$15,000

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