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Premier Client Solutions FAQs

The coverage of a homeowner’s insurance policy should be based on the cost to rebuild a place of residence from scratch, but many incorrectly believe that it should reflect the property’s market value.

Jewellery is a unique asset: while the intrinsic financial value of a piece is obvious, the sentimental value of an item, like your wedding ring, heirloom earrings or the watch you bought to mark a personal milestone, may not be easily quantifiable.

Most of us are spending more of our time online, including interacting with others via social media. Unfortunately, the interconnectedness of the digital world can also leave you open to significant risks.

Better protection doesn’t always have to mean a higher price tag. In addition to offering competitive pricing, AIG offers a number of ways for you to better manage the costs associated with buying insurance protection. Under Premier Client Solutions, you can choose from a range of deductible options, up to $100,000. Assuming more up-front risk may reduce your annual premium, and we recognise that many of our clients prefer to handle minor damage themselves rather than submit a claim.


In addition, here are some other factors that can help:


  • Paying your insurance premium by monthly credit card instalments. This will help to defray the initial upfront payment as the premium is spread out over a period of time.
  • Selecting a homeowner’s insurance deductible of $2,500 or more
  • Having protection devices in your home (such as a central station burglar and fire alarm)
  • Listing down your prized possessions in your policy

Your independent insurance advisor can help you determine which policy credits or savings opportunities apply to you.