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My Business My Choice - Food and Beverage (Restaurant)

Food and Beverage (Restaurant) is specially designed for businesses with dining-in facilities such as restaurants, cafes, coffee houses and dining establishments which provide catering services.

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From coverage for your physical property against all manner of risk to financial support in a health emergency, take a look the STANDARD and FREE COVERS we provide. What’s more, you may increase the limit/sum insured under the Free Covers at a nominal additional premium if you require higher coverage. A wide range of OPTIONAL COVERS is available as well to meet your more complex insurance needs.


Property All Risks
Covers you against physical loss or damage to your property which includes landlord’s fixtures and fittings, stock and material in trade, furniture, fixtures and fittings, equipment, plant and machinery, office and business contents.
Basis of Settlement: New for Old
Excess: S$250 for each and every loss (except Fire and Lightning)


Work Injury Compensation
Protects you for any liability under Work Injury Compensation Act or at common law to compensate your employees for death or bodily injury due to an accident in the course of employment.

Public Liability
Protects you against legal liability to third parties for accidental bodily injury or accidental property damage.

Personal Accident
Provides 24 hours’ worldwide protection for you and your employees against:

Benefits and PlansPlan 1Plan 2Plan 3
Accidental Death and Permanent DisablementS$50,000S$100,000S$150,000
Accident Medical ReimbursementS$500S$1,000S$1,500
Weekly Indemnity for Temporary Total Disablement (per week)S$50S$100S$150
Weekly Indemnity for Temporary Partial Disablement (per week)S$25S$50S$75

Machinery Breakdown
Provides cover to electrical, heating and cooling equipment (age of machine not exceeding 5 years) excluding mobile equipment in the event of mechanical or electrical malfunction.
Excess: S$100 for each and every loss

Fidelity Guarantee
Insures you against loss of money and/or property due to fraud or dishonesty of your employees.
Excess: S$250 for each and every loss


Health Emergency Loss Protection
Provides you with essential financial support of S$170 per day (a maximum of 15 days) in the event you are denied access into your premises due to an outbreak of any human contagious disease (eg, SARS and Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease).

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Below are the FREE COVERS and ADDITIONAL BENEFITS granted under Property All Risks. Please refer to the brochure for more FREE ADDITIONAL BENEFITS granted under OPTIONAL COVERS.


Loss of Profits and/or Additional Expenses
• Loss of profits and/or additional expenses (a maximum of 100 days) up to S$250 per day.
• Cover extends to include
- Closure of business by order of a public authority due to Defective Sanitary Arrangement (Time Excess: 24 hours), Food and Drinks Poisoning (Time Excess: 24 hours), Murder and Suicide.
- Failure of supply of electricity, gas, water and telecommunication services due to property damage of supply authorities (Time Excess: 24 hours).

Money and Securities
• Loss of Money and Securities whilst
- Inside Insured Premises during business hours up to S$10,000.
- Inside Insured Premises after business hours (subject to a sub-limit of S$2,000 in all locked cabinets/drawers/cash registers) up to S$10,000.
- Outside Insured Premises anywhere in Singapore up to S$10,000.
• Loss of Money kept overnight at private residence of sole proprietor/partners/directors/employees up to S$500.
• Loss or damage to safes/strongrooms/cabinets/drawers/cash registers up to S$500.
• Seasonal Increase in Sum Insured up to 20% of Sum Insured or S$3,000 whichever is lesser during
- 30 days preceding and after the first day of Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Christmas
- 3 days preceding and after the first day of all Public Holidays

Fixed Glass and/or Signs
• Breakage of fixed glass and/or signs (including neon signs) up to S$5,000.


• Awnings, Blinds, Signs or Other Outdoor Fixtures or Fittings of Any Description up to S$5,000.
• Curiosities and Works of Art up to S$3,000.
• Deterioration of Stocks (age of machine not exceeding 6 years) up to S$2,000.
• Goods In Transit up to S$10,000.
• Loss or damage to clothing and/or personal effects of sole proprietor/partners/directors/employees up to S$500 per person and S$2,500 in aggregate.
• Rental Expenses for existing rent, alternative accommodation and cost of temporary storage of Insured Property up to S$35,000.
• Robbery/Burglary and Theft of Insured Property up to Total Sum Insured, subject to the following sub-limits:
- Theft of Insured Property up to S$250,000.
- Robbery/Burglary and Theft of stock and material in trade consisting of liquor and cigarettes/tobacco up to S$20,000.
• Seasonal Increase in Stock and Material In Trade up to 20% of Sum Insured or S$50,000 whichever is lesser during:
- 30 days preceding and after the first day of Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Christmas
- 3 days preceding and after the first day of all Public Holidays

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Below are the excluded activities/risks/trades:

1. Bars, Discotheques and Pubs
2. Hawkers and Market Stalls
3. Karaoke Lounges and Nightclubs
4. Kiosks and Push Carts
5. Pure Catering Services

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