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AIG On the Go Driving App FAQs

AIG On the Go will score your driving performance based on these factors:

  • Acceleration events
  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Breaking events
  • Cornering speed
  • Average speed
  • Distance travelled

To report an issue with any of your trips, click on "MY TRIPS" in the app and select the specific trip in question. Next, click on "MAP" and tap anywhere within the mapped completed trip to provide your feedback in the pop-up box.

A score is the overall rating of your driving performance based on various factors (see details above).

It ranges from 40 to 100. Your score can be found on the main screen of the app when you open AIG On the Go.

While each trip is assigned its own score, the overall score is recalculated and updated after each trip.

You will be contacted via email and/or notified through the Rewards section of AIG On the Go.

At the login screen, please click on 'Forgot Password'. A temporary password/code will be sent to your email, with instructions on how to set a new password.

Only one vehicle can be registered to each AIG On the Go account created. The account holder must be the registered owner of the vehicle.

Yes. At the login screen, please click on “Connect with Facebook” to create an AIG On the Go account using your Facebook details. If you did not do so at the point of creating your account, you can still connect your AIG On the Go account to your Facebook account via your profile page after login.

You can also share your AIG On the Go activities on Facebook.

No, your score will not affect your existing or renewal premium. Similarly, if you are a new AIG customer, your low score on AIG On the Go will not result in a higher premium being charged. AIG On the Go is part of AIG’s mission to improve road safety in the community by raising greater awareness of the benefits of safe driving.

AIG On the Go only recognises users based on the email address provided. If you change your email address, you will need to re-register as a new user on AIG On the Go. Your scores in the old account will not be transferred to your new account.

The discount on vehicle insurance premium is calculated based on the real-time distance travelled (in kilometres) recorded on the app and the driving score attained. Refer to the table below.


Driving Score Discount on Vehicle Insurance Premium (%)
More than 94



85 - 94



75 - 84



50 - 74



Less than 50



Distance travelled recorded on the app

100 - 400 kilometres

401 - 750 kilometres

More than 750 kilometres

For instance, if your score is 90 and the distance you have driven falls within 100 and 400 kilometres, you will be entitled to a 7% discount. If your score drops to 84, and the distance you have driven still falls within 100 and 400 kilometres, your discount will decrease to 5%.

The discount earned will be valid until you utilise it. Do note that the discount amount will fluctuate real time based on the driver’s driving behaviour as recorded in the app. More information about how the discount is calculated can be found on the previous question: How is the discount on vehicle insurance premium calculated?

Yes, you can. You can earn the insurance premium discount again when you use the AIG On the Go app, and apply it when you renew your vehicle insurance policy with us.

Your phone’s GPS signal is used in measuring your driving performance. Hence, if the GPS signal on your phone is weak, this will affect the accuracy of the data.  There can be multiple causes for the weak GPS signal, such as poor reception in high buildings, tunnels, line-of-sight obstructions, etc.