Complete protection for students studying overseas, with special features that make it one of the leading student travel products in Singapore.

Student Assist is an insurance plan that protects you when you go overseas to study. With comprehensive cover for medical expenses, hospital visits and tuition fees, Student Assist gives you peace of mind and the confidence to pursue your educational aspirations, knowing we’ve got you covered. 

Choose from multiple options to suit your needs, including optional benefits, individual or family plans and different durations of cover.


Help for medical expenses

Ease the financial burden of unexpected medical costs, which can be significant. We'll cover your medical expenses up to $15,000 if you're injured in an overseas accident. You can even choose to add cover for medical expenses for accidents and sickness.

Protection for tuition fees

Tuition fee cover ensures that you can continue to pay for your studies if something happens to your sponsor. We'll also reimburse the fees you have already paid if you have to cut short your semester because of hospitalization, illness or death of an immediate family member.

Two-way hospital visits

Being hospitalized in a foreign country can be daunting. That's why we'll pay up to $5,000 for an immediate family member to come and stay with you if that happens. If your family member is hospitalized, we'll also cover the travel expenses for you to fly to Singapore to be with them.

Cover for personal belongings

We'll cover your laptop, travel documents or personal baggage so you can get a replacement if they are lost or stolen.

Emergency assistance when you travel

While you're overseas, you might also want to travel and see the world. Student Assist protects you with 24-hour emergency assistance and cover for trip inconveniences such as flight delays, lost bags and flight overbookings.


You can apply for Student Assist if you are:

  • 15-45 years of age, and
  • Attending a full-time course outside Singapore with a registered education institute.



    (max. limit)

Accident medical expenses
Covers medical expenses for injury sustained in an accident when overseas


Emergency medical evacuation
Covers all expenses to evacuate you in the event of a medical emergency


Repatriation Expenses
Covers expenses in returning your remains to Singapore in the event of your death when overseas


Hospital visits

  • Covers the travel and accommodation expenses to have an immediate family member stay with you if you are hospitalized for more than 5 days
  • Covers your travel expenses to fly to Singapore to be with your immediate family member who has been hospitalized for more than 5 days


Sponsor protection
Covers unpaid tuition fees in the event of the death or permanent disability of your sponsor


Study interruption
Covers tuition fees paid in advance for the current semester if you are unable to continue your studies overseas due to hospitalization more than 1 month, terminal sickness or death of an immediate relative


Felonious assault and battery
Compensates for your accidental death or injury if you are targeted by illegal or unlawful acts such as felonious assault or any criminal act of violence


Accidental death or permanent disablement
Covers for accidental death or injury resulting in permanent disability while you are studying overseas or on vacation


Loss of personal baggage
Covers loss of your baggage due to theft or misdirection during the care, custody and control of a common carrier


Laptop Computer
Covers loss of your laptop computer due to burglary, theft or natural disasters occurring at your permanent place of residence overseas or at a hotel during your holidays


Loss of travel document
Covers the cost incurred overseas of replacing passport and other travel documents, including travel and accommodation expenses, if such travel documents are lost due to robbery, burglary, theft or natural disasters during your holidays


Baggage delays
Pays $50 for every 6 consecutive hours that your baggage is delayed while overseas. Pays a maximum of $50 if your baggage is delayed in Singapore.


Travel delays
Pays $50 for every 6 consecutive hours that the public transport you are to travel in is delayed while overseas on a holiday. Pays a maximum of $50 if this delay is in Singapore.


Personal liability abroad
Covers you against liability to third parties or damage to their property caused by your negligence while overseas


Overseas residence guard
Pays for damage to household contents due to a fire to at your permanent place of residence overseas which was left vacant while you were away for a holiday


Travel Guard® 24/7 emergency assistance service
Provides you with a full range of 24/7 worldwide emergency and assistance service absolutely free by using a reverse call charges facility



Plan A 
(max. limit)

 Plan B 
(max. limit)

 Plan C 

Accident and sickness medical expenses
Covers medical expenses for:

  • Injury due to an accident or sickness incurred overseas
  • Follow-up treatment in Singapore for injury or sickness up to a maximum of $5,000




Note: An excess of $100 per sickness claim is applicable under all plans.

You have the choice of an individual or family plan, with a 6-month or 1-year duration:


Plan type

6 months  

1 year

Core Plan



Core + Plan A   



Core + Plan B



Core + Plan C



*Inclusive of 7% GST


Plan type

6 months

1 year 

Core Plan



Core + Plan A   



Core + Plan B



Core + Plan C



*Inclusive of 7% GST

To make a claim, please fill out the relevant claim form from the Downloads section.

View the documents required for a travel claim.

Complete and return the claims form with the supporting documents to:

AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd.
AIG Building
78 Shenton Way #07-16
Singapore 079120

Note: For annual plans, please submit a copy of the passport showing the duration of the trip.

View the list of Student Assist FAQs.

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