Safeguard yourself against identity fraud crimes, credit card fraud, ATM assault, and robbery and theft.


ID Guard helps you manage the growing risk of identity fraud crimes, including online fraud, credit card fraud and email scams. Individual and family plans are available.


Coverage for identity theft

If your identity is stolen anywhere in the world, you're covered for up to $5,000 for any resulting monetary loss. We'll even pay up to $10,000 for legal fees and other costs you incur in Singapore to resolve the identity theft.

Recover from a theft or ATM Assault

You're covered for up to $1,000 for loss or damage suffered as a result of ATM assault. We'll also cover your medical expenses up to $1,000 if you're injured in a theft or ATM Assault.

Personal effects and identity documents coverage

We'll cover you up to $2,000 if your personal effects or identity documents are stolen.

Personal liability

You're covered for up to $10,000 if you are found legally liable for someone else's accidental bodily injury or property damage.


ID Guard is for anyone looking for a plan focused on:

  • Identity fraud cover
  • Credit card protection
  • ATM assault
  • Theft and robbery protection

Benefits (worldwide)

Coverage (max. limits)

Identity fraud


- Monetary loss suffered as a result of identity fraud

$5,000 per occurrence
(excess of $200 applies)

- Legal fees, lost wages and other incidental costs incurred in Singapore to resolve the identity fraud

$10,000 per occurrence
(excess of $200 applies)

ATM assault
Loss or damage as a result of theft assault occurring within 1 hour of withdrawing cash from an automated teller machine (ATM)

$1,000 per occurrence
(excess of $200 applies)

Injury due to theft or robbery
Coverage for medical expenses incurred if injured in a theft or robbery

$1,000 per occurrence

Personal effects
Loss or damage to personal effects and identity documents as a result of theft

$2,000 per occurrence
(excess of $200 applies)

Personal liability
For compensation which you are legally liable to pay for a third party's accidental bodily injury or property damage



 Premium (inclusive of 7% GST)   

 Individual plan   

 $51 per year

 Family plan

 $92 per year

You can pay by:

  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Annual GIRO with automatic renewal

To file a claim, call our hotline at 6419 3000.

You can also opt for identity fraud coverage as an additional benefit in some of our home protection plans, including:

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