Enjoy your game with comprehensive cover at any golf course in the world, including driving ranges.


Golfer's Insurance is specially designed to meet your needs as a golfer. It covers you if you are accidentally injured while playing golf, or if your golf equipment gets damaged or lost. We provide you with worldwide coverage at any golf course or driving range, so you can enjoy your game with peace of mind wherever you are.


Protection for golf equipment and belongings

Comprehensive coverage includes: up to $3,000 if your golf clubs or personal belongings are lost or damaged, up to $100 for equipment hire so you can keep on playing, and up to $500 if you accidentally break a club during play.

24-hour personal accident cover

If you're injured while golfing, you're protected with up to $50,000 in personal accident cover and up to $1,000 for medical expenses. You're even covered for up to $500,000 if you're legally liable for someone else's accidental bodily injury or property damage.

Coverage if you're out of action

We'll take care of your club subscription fees up to $500 if you can't play golf because of sickness or an injury sustained from an accident.

Celebrate your hole-in-one

If you're lucky enough to score a hole-in-one, you will be reimbursed up to $1,000 to treat your friends for the customary celebration.


This plan is for regular golfers who play at home or abroad.


 Coverage (max. limits)

24-Hour Personal Accident
Coverage in the event of an accident while playing or practising golf in any golf club


Medical Expenses
For medical expenses incurred as a result of accidents while playing or practising golf on any golf course or driving range


Club Subscription Fees
If you are unable to play golf due to an accidental injury or a sickness. Excludes the first 14 days of such injury or sickness


Golfing Equipment and Personal Effects
If your golfing equipment or personal effects are lost or damaged while playing or practising at any golf club or while travelling to and from any golf course or driving range. For personal effects, each claim should not exceed $300 for any 1 article.


Breakage of Clubs
For accidental breakage of clubs during actual play or practice on any golf course or driving range

(excess of $50 applies for each golf club)

Golfing Equipment Hire
For the cost of hiring replacement golfing equipment incurred as a result of loss of or damage to your golfing equipment


For the cost of hospitality (food and beverage) incurred anywhere within 30 days of you scoring a hole-in-one


Liabilities to the Public
For compensation which you are legally liable to pay for a third party's accidental bodily injury or property damage while you are playing or practising at any golf course or driving range


Terms and Conditions apply.

Annual premium: $86 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

You can pay by:

  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Annual GIRO with automatic renewal

To file a claim, call our hotline at 6419 3000 or visit the claims page

If you are travelling abroad, our Travel Guard insurance includes cover for golf (Premier and Superior plans only).

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