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Caught up in the day-to-day of living and building a career, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that as you accumulate wealth, you accumulate new higher-quality possessions. At some point, you may look around and realise you no longer have the right coverage for where you are right now. AIG’s Premier Client Solutions can help.

AIG can help you identify the items which you need protection for, and provide customised coverage for your needs. Not only that, with the right policy, you can minimise disruptions to your usual lifestyle if you experience a loss.

That’s why a growing segment of successful people is seeking precisely what AIG promises:  Comprehensive insurance policies that keep up with your changing needs as your wealth grows.

Among the benefits you’ll find in Premier Client Solutions are:

  • More comprehensive coverage for homes, valuables and personal liability protection than what is available in the market
  • Extensive options to meet our clients’ diverse needs
  • Precise protection for artwork, jewellery and other valuables
  • Claims handled with personal attention, flexibility and support

Providing tailored insurance solutions for unique lifestyles requires more than just an understanding of underwriting. To create the most meaningful coverage solutions, we strive to know as much as possible about the experiences and items we’re insuring because the level of passion you have for your special possessions can’t be understood on paper alone.

When put into practice, this collective expertise brings numerous advantages for you in the form of:

  • Specially crafted insurance policies that address the risks associated with higher value homes and valuables
  • Practical advice on loss prevention based on years of real-world experience
  • Expert handling of claims by specialists who understand the ins and outs of fine homes and furnishings, along with many other luxury assets, and are personally invested in resolving your claims


Protecting your Possessions

Insuring your home also requires paying careful attention to the items inside, from high-end plumbing fixtures to family heirlooms. With Premier Client Solutions, you won’t be paying the price for depreciation if something is damaged, lost or broken.

CHOOSE TO UPGRADE: Distinct coverage for valuable articles
Jewellery, fine art, antiques and other collectibles are subject to special limits on most homeowners policies. If you have precious items that require a higher level of protection, we offer valuable articles coverage which responds to loss or damage due to fire, theft and breakage anywhere in the world.  

Protecting your assets

Liability coverage protects you from events leading to claims for property damage or bodily injury – whether a guest slips and falls on your property or your child stains the neighbour’s new sofa during a play date.

Minimising disruptions when you can’t go home

If an insured incident keeps you out of your home, we want to help your family maintain a sense of normalcy, as well as a comparable standard of living. We offer coverage for your living expenses if your home is uninhabitable at the time of a claim. This includes loss of rental income if the damaged home is rented to others.

Replacing your landscaping

Trees and shrubs can be quite expensive if you have to replace them. We offer coverage for the replacement of a wide range of landscaping on your property, including funds to remove downed trees that did not damage your home. (Please note that certain conditions apply in order for this coverage to respond.)  


Homeowners who have been busy building – but not holistically protecting – their wealth, and whose needs have eclipsed the ambit of typical insurance cover for home protection.

Premier Client Solutions offers customised home protection cover. For a quote, please contact your agent/broker or download the Premier Client Solutions proposal form, and send us the completed form here.

We are committed to delivering prompt, skilful and knowledgeable claims service that meets our clients’ unique needs, whenever and wherever a loss occurs. Exceptional claims service does not happen by accident. It takes years of experience and organisation-wide dedication to build a customer-focused global claims network – one that is committed to service excellence and continual improvement.

At AIG, we work with clients on a daily basis to help resolve a host of issues related to accidents, theft, liability lawsuits and other disruptions. Because of this, we understand the emotional and physical toll that an incident can take on someone’s life, and we place a high value on our ability to resolve matters as quickly as possible. We treat every claim uniquely, with personal touches that we hope can make the experience easier for everyone involved.

That is why we have set up our Customer Service Hotline that provides you with 24/7 claims assistance. Simply call 6419 3099 and our friendly Customer Care Consultants will assist you.

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