Supplement your existing HDB Fire Insurance with home contents protection and comprehensive benefits of up to $690,000.


For complete protection, complement your existing HDB Fire Insurance with Enhanced Public Housing Contents Insurance. It safeguards your renovated items, home contents and valuables from events you can't control, such as fires and break-ins. Get comprehensive coverage of up to $690,000 for as low as $0.19 a day.


Safeguard your belongings

Enhanced Public Housing Contents Insurance covers your renovated items and household contents and valuables for up to $150,000 against mishaps like fires and break-ins. This means you and your immediate family will be able to replace your fixtures and fittings, furniture and other personal belongings because of damage covered in the policy.

Get additional building cover

The additional building cover helps you rebuild from loss or damage to the interior structure and fixtures provided by the HDB. If you already have HDB Fire Insurance or its equivalent, you can claim for loss or damage that is not covered under your existing policy.

Protect against personal liability

You are covered for up to $400,000 against personal liability if you and your family are held legally liable for accidental injury or property damage to a third party.

Help after a loss

Damage to your home could mean additional costs for alternative accommodations. We will help with your temporary housing expenses of up to $20,000.


HDB flat owners looking for building, renovated items and household contents cover to complement their existing HDB Fire Insurance or its equivalent.

This plan is not for owners of landed homes, condominuims and private apartments.

Explore our comprehensive plans for private homes.



Household contents

  • Covers loss or damage to your household contents and fixtures and fittings that are caused by the insured perils listed in the policy
  • Includes coverage of up to $25,000 for loss or damage due to theft by forcible entry

Up to $150,000

Alternative accommodation

Covers expenses for alternative accommodation if your insured premises are made uninhabitable due to insured perils

Up to $20,000

Personal liability

Covers you and your immediate family members who may be held personally and legally liable for accidental death or bodily injury or accidental property damage to a third party, up to $200,000

Up to $400,000

Personal accident

Covers accidental death benefit for you and your spouse (aged 65 years and below)

Up to $20,000

Total sum insured

Up to $690,000

Building (additional benefit)

Covers loss or damage to the building arising from insured perils

Up to $100,000

Enrol in a renewable yearly plan or save more with a 5-year plan:



 Yearly plan
 Pay by GIRO, with automatic yearly renewals

 $70.62 per year

 5-year plan (lump sum)
 Pay a lump sum and save more with 5 years of continuous coverage

($66.34 per year)

 5-year plan (monthly instalment)
 Pay by interest-free credit card instalments for 5 years of continuous coverage

 $28 a month for 12 months
($67.20 per year)

*Inclusive of 7% GST

To file a claim, call our hotline at 6419 3000. Our customer service officer will attend to you. If necessary, a loss adjustor will be appointed to assess the damage before we process your claim.

For detailed instructions and claims forms, visit the home insurance claims page.

View the list of EPHCI FAQs.

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