A car insurance plan that gives you comprehensive coverage including your choice of workshops for accident repairs.

AutoPlan is a private car insurance plan that gives you the flexibility to send your car to any workshop for accident repairs. The comprehensive coverage includes a new-for-old replacement car and personal accident cover for everyone in your car.


Brand new replacement car

We will pay for a brand new car of the same make and model if your car is damaged beyond repair and is less than 12 months old from the registration date.

Your choice of workshop

You're not restricted on your choice of workshop for repairing your car after an accident. You can send it to any workshop in Singapore, including sole agents’ workshops.

Protection for car lock and keys

We'll pay for a locksmith or tow truck if you're accidentally locked out of your car. We'll also replace your car lock and key if it is damaged because of a break-in, robbery or theft.

Cover for accidents

You and your passengers are covered in the event of death or permanent disability while travelling in your car. This benefit pays over and above any existing personal accident or life insurance policy you or your passengers may have.

Customisable coverage

The age condition option lets you qualify for a lower premium based on the age bracket you choose. Or you can lower your premium by adjusting your excess. For a little extra premium, you can also choose to have the use of a replacement car if yours is in the workshop for accident repairs (loss of use).


This plan is for private car owners who want to be able to choose their preferred repair workshop and customise the coverage they need. 


Coverage (max. limit)

Brand new replacement car
If the car is less than 12 months old from the registration date and is damaged beyond repair after an accidental collision

Full purchase price of a brand new car of the same make and model

Personal accident cover for you
In the event of death or permanent disability while traveling in a car


Replacement of car lock and keys

  • If you accidentally leave your key in the car and the car auto-locks itself
  • If your car key or lock is damaged in the event of a break-in, robbery or theft

(excess of $50 plus GST applies)

Accident repairs at the workshop of your choice

Car can be repaired at a workshop of your choice, including sole agents workshop

Personal accident cover for passengers travelling in your car

Up to $10,000 for each passenger

Windscreen replacement cover

Unlimited windscreen replacement
(excess of $100 plus GST applies for each claim)

Medical expense cover
For passengers in the car, including  policyholder and authorised driver

Up to $300 each

Cover for liability to your passengers


Cover for third-party liability due to negligence of your passengers


Cover for loss or damage
Caused by an intentional act by a party during a strike, riot or lockout

Up to the market value of your car

Cover for damage caused by flood or windstorm

Up to the market value of your car

24-hour claims-related accident towing

Up to $300 per accident

24-hour claims procedure enquiry hotline


Important notice

A Young and/or Inexperienced Driver Excess ("YIDR") of S$3,000 (before GST), in addition to the Policy Excess, applies to You or any Authorised Driver (named and unnamed) who is below the age of 23 (in case of All Age Condition policies) and/or has less than 2 years’ driving experience. The YIDR Excess is not applicable to Named Driver policies.

You can customise your coverage with the following options:

Loss of use

You will receive a replacement car for up to 10 days, with guaranteed availability, while your car is at the workshop for accident repairs. We will drop off and pick up the replacement car at a location of your choice.

The additional premiums are:

Type of car

Additional premium

1500cc-1600cc car   


1800cc-2000cc car  


* Inclusive of 7% GST

Age condition

You can reduce your premium by opting for an age condition for your policy. Choose from the following age conditions:

  • All age condition
  • 30 years old and above age condition
  • 35 years old and above age condition
  • 40 years old and above age condition


Policy excess

You can increase your policy excess up to a maximum of $3,000 to lower your premium.

To file a claim, call our 24-hour Auto Assist hotline at 6338 6200 or visit the claims page

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