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10 Rules of Safe Driving

Dear Insured:

When a traffic accident happens, the consequences can be devastating. A bright future could be ruined due to a bad decision , such as drink driving or speeding - common causes of road accidents. If you are a parent to a teenage child who is a new driver, this article may be useful to you. As a young new driver, a child may not have the necessary skills and experience to react in event of road emergencies. If tragedy occurs, life as you know it changes in an instant.

We at Chartis, truly care about the well-being of our customers and your family members.  In recognition of the very real dangers on the road, especially for younger drivers, we have developed 10 Rules of Safe Driving .  This comes in the form of a declaration - to signify your child's independence upon getting his driving license.  By signing it, you too are helping to cultivate safe driving habits in your child before you hand over the car key.

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Declaration Form

My Safe Drive Declaration of Independence

I, ___________________[name of child], hereby declare that I will:

1. Be responsible – when I am at the wheel, I am responsible for the lives of my passengers and my own, as well as those of other road.

2. Always wear my seat-belt and ensure my passengers do the same. This is because in the event of an accident, seat belts are crucial in helping to reduce deaths and injuries.

3. Never drink and drive – to arrange for alternate transport, take a cab or have an assigned driver when I plan a night out.

4. Not speed – to adhere to speed limit on the road, even when traveling on the expressways and when the road ahead is clear.

5. Not play loud music when driving.

6. Not exceed the number of passengers I am allowed to carry in my car.

7. Never beat the traffic lights – slow down when the light turns amber and stop when it turns red.

8. Not use my mobile phone when driving – if absolutely necessary I will always use a hands-free set.

9. Not let others drive my car – even if they have driving licenses.

10. Know my vehicle well and maintain it – understand its capabilities and limits and ensure regular inspections by professionals so as to maintain the vehicle in good condition.




Acknowledgement by Parent

Signature of Child

Your well-being is our top priority.


Mike Raines

Chartis Singapore